The operator of the Russian drone dodged a missile that flew a few centimeters from the drone

The Russian military rescued the Orlan drone a fraction of a second before it was destroyed.

During the reconnaissance of the area, the Ukrainian military discovered the Russian Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle and tried to shoot it down with a man-portable air defense system. Despite the enormous speed of the rocket, the operator of the Russian drone was able to steer the drone away from the rocket, missing it literally in a matter of centimeters, which was captured on the camera of the UAV itself.

In video footage taken by a Russian drone, an anti-aircraft missile can be seen heading towards the Russian drone. However, thanks to the perfect maneuver, the drone was able to successfully evade the missile. Moreover, thanks to the identification of the position of the MANPADS operator, an artillery strike was subsequently carried out in this area.

Experts note that such cases are quite rare, since it is possible to successfully evade a launched missile only when it approaches, which the operator of the Russian drone managed to do. However, a little earlier, video footage appeared of how a Russian drone was able to successfully dodge two anti-aircraft missiles at once.


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