Militias knocked out a German super-howitzer PzH 2000 with the help of a German grenade launcher

A German howitzer PzH 2000 was shot down from a German grenade launcher.

The forces of the republics of Donbass managed to successfully knock out the German PzH 2000 super-howitzer, which is one of the most expensive self-propelled artillery installations in the world. Moreover, as it became known, the artillery mount, capable of releasing 12 large-caliber ammunition per minute, was hit from the German Panzerfaust grenade launcher, which was previously captured as a trophy from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the data available to date, the self-propelled artillery mount was damaged, as a result of which it was thrown right into its position. The nature of the damage has not yet been disclosed, however, to date, this is the first known case of the destruction or damage of the German self-propelled guns PzH 2000.

According to experts, the destruction of the ultra-long-range and high-precision German howitzer PzH 2000 from a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher is evidence that detailed weapons are completely unprepared for their combat use, and, probably, further deliveries of German self-propelled guns will not bring any significant achievements, except for criticism of the German government, which actually demonstrated the vulnerability of high-class German weapons.