Russian Aerospace Forces strike


Published the moment of the powerful strike of the Russian Su-34 on the bridge over the Euphrates in Syria

The web has footage of striking a bridge across the Euphrates in Syria.

During the military operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria against the terrorists of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.), The Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber struck a powerful blow across the bridge over the Euphrates, cutting off the further movement of terrorists. The popular blogger "Fighterbomber" posted on the Web two photos taken literally moments before the destruction of a strategically important facility.

In the photographs presented, you can see how the crew of the Russian fighter-bomber has already made guidance on the target and is preparing to use the KAB-500 bombs, which ultimately made it possible to seriously destroy the bridge and prevent terrorists from infiltrating Syrian territory, which was still under the control of the Syrian military.

It should be noted that the Russian aviation actually not only stopped the offensive of the terrorists of the "Islamic State", but also ensured the destruction of this terrorist group on the territory of Syria. Although today there are up to a thousand militants on the territory of the SAR, they do not pose a real threat, especially since the Russian Aerospace Forces together with the CAA are conducting counter-terrorist operations, which only since the beginning of the year has made it possible to destroy up to 200 terrorists of the "Islamic State".

You do not need gps to aim the rocket at the bridge. There are other technologies. Just in these photos the targeting is visual.

Russia has its own global positioning system. Learn materiel.

Could you hover over the bridge without Garmin's GPS-navigator ??)))