Military in Syria


Published moment of clash between Russian and US military in Syria

A photo of the moment of the clash between the Russian and American military in Syria was published.

After the emergence of information about the military clash between Russian and American troops in northern Syria, a photograph was published that, presumably, shows the moment of the meeting between the American and Russian military, followed by, as sources say, the conflict escalated into a fight.

Judging by the photograph presented, the Russian and American military are talking about being in the area, however, experts drew attention to the fact that we are most likely talking about the meeting of two military patrols or convoys, since in the background you can see a significant column of equipment obviously owned by the US military.

The weapons were seen by both the Russian and the American military, however, according to representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the situation itself was clearly contrived, since there was no conflict between the two sides, and the information itself was ultimately disseminated by the media with reference to witnesses, which, obviously, embellished the meeting of the military of the USA and Russia.

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