Map published with destroyed Russian drones in Syria

A map with Russian drones destroyed in Syria has appeared on the Web.

Against the background of the destruction of the Russian reconnaissance drone "Forpost" by the militants, a map appeared on the Web showing the places of destruction of the Russian drones. We are talking only about documented cases. Experts pay attention to a rather anomalous region in which most of the drones have been lost.

In the presented image, you can see that the largest number of unmanned aerial vehicles was lost by the Russian military in northwestern Syria. This region is controlled by Turkish jihadists and, apparently, Turkey is actively helping militants to detect and shoot down Russian UAVs.

“The terrorists“ ISIL ”(“ Islamic State ”, a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - editor's note) were much better armed, but the losses of Russian drones were more likely an accident. In this case, the "anomalous" zone is located just within the reach of the Turkish radar, which may well indicate the fact that the jihadists are supplied with information about the flights of Russian UAVs and therefore Russian drones are so often destroyed ", - the expert marks.

How many Russian drones have been lost in Syria are not reported.