offensive map


A map of Russia's strike against Ukraine in the event of an offensive on Donbass has been published

A map of Russia's strike against Ukraine has appeared in the event of an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Donbass.

Any attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Donbass or provocations against Crimea will lead to a large-scale blow by Russia in the southern, eastern and even northern parts of Ukraine. This is evidenced by a map published on the Web, which demonstrates that in the event of aggression by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a strike will also be delivered from southern Belarus.

“In Ukraine, a map has been published of how an offensive of the Russian Armed Forces might look in the event of a resumption of hostilities in Donbass,” Military Maps reports, publishing the corresponding map of the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces.

It is not known how reliable such information is, however, the situation demonstrates the real possibilities of Russia's offensive in the event of the slightest aggression from the outside against it. In this case, Belarus will also have to intervene in an armed conflict, and not only within the framework of membership in the CSTO, but also within the framework of the existing Union State, although no official comments from the official Minsk on this matter were made.

On the other hand, experts draw attention to the fact that in response to an offensive from southern Belarus, there is a likelihood of a NATO counterstrike from Poland.

on the fence is also written

No need to sing military songs, I live in Belarus, 60 km from the border with you)))))

yeah ... a secret map, a secret Russian strike against Ukraine ... only a map in Ukrainian ... all the Russian military have such in their pockets, they don't have them in their native Russian, but they do in Ukrainian ...

How great !!! Bravo !!!

Yes ... They themselves make themselves fearful ...
In fact, an airborne battalion for Kiev will be enough.

Well, the guest broke out. Oh, I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid.

The most important thing is written in purely Russian ...

We have a spy in the General Staff, and perhaps not alone! )))

Tell this to the "brave" Georgians.

There, below on the map, there is an inscription in red pencil-Approve-Putin)))

I agree this is definitely not a military card ...

Brilliant! You have nothing else to do ???

Well, finally, come up with something new .. How long can you play one record overplayed .. "They have houses there .." Come up with something new

Judging by the inscriptions on the map, the Russian General Staff is using a nightingale. The question arises: why does the Russian General Staff use the nightingale? For what purpose?

As soon as they developed a plan for an offensive against Ukraine, they showed it to the whole world.

Drawn by a 5th grade student.

The map is designed according to all NATO standards and on NATO sheets. The enemy (Russia) - in red, their actions - in blue. Moreover, all the recordings were made on the "mov".

Moreover, the NATO standard issued on the map?

Because - “army, mova, vira” :)

"A map posted on the web that demonstrates ..."
Sounds like a fairy tale by Arkady Gaidar in a modern version:
".. Here the generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are sitting and thinking: what is it for them to do if Russia finally takes something? Suddenly they see a Malchish-Plohish crawling out on their forum and directly to them in text ...

- Rejoice! He prints to them. - This is all I, Plohish, did. I drew a map, I pointed with arrows ... "

The military of the Russian Federation will not even dare to touch them with a finger, after all, bureaucratic families have their own houses there. And according to the examples of Azerbaijan, which shot down a military helicopter of the Russian Federation, or Israel and Turkey, which have already shot down aircraft more than once, they burned air defense systems in Syria and Armenia in batches, proof of this, there will not be the slightest chance of a response from the Russian Federation, well, maybe tomatoes will get it again. And the Iskanderchiks will be burned in the first hours, together with the intercepted missiles.

And why is the card in Ukrainian, a cheap fake.

"The armor is strong and our tanks are fast ..." (c)

Never and no one will be able to defeat Russia. As history shows, any enemy will be beaten. Honor, conscience, self-sacrifice and glory of the Russian soldier was, is and will be for centuries,

And since when do Russian military personnel use maps in Ukrainian for planning?

And why then the NATO Rapid Reaction Forces are stationed to the northwest of Kiev? And in Poland and the Baltic States, a large concentration of troops? Belarus will be the first to lie down in case of crossing the strip. Who next?

In the event of NATO intervention, this is where the Iskanderchiks will come in handy, so that by striking all the capitals of the NATO countries, they will noticeably diminish those who want to take part in the Crusade against Russia and its lands occupied by the Ukrainians under the Bolsheviks.