Armata tank


The first photo of the export T-14 "Armata" in a unique camouflage is published

The Russian T-14 Armata tank was shown abroad for the first time.

The export version of the domestic heavy tank T-14 "Armata" was first presented abroad. As stated earlier, we are talking about a model of a Russian combat vehicle, however, apparently, it is the export version of the tank, which, at least, is evidenced by the unique "sandy" color.

In the presented photo you can see a model of the T-14 "Armata" tank, presented at the international exhibition "IDEX-2021", taking place these days in the UAE. Given the availability of an export version passport, the Russian military can conclude in the coming days lucrative contracts for the supply of these heavy armored vehicles to other countries of the world, including the UAE.

Today, the Russian T-14 Armata tank is a vehicle that several major Russian military partners are interested in at once, in particular, we are talking about India, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, etc., which is primarily due to the fact that this unique the car, as previously stated, was tested in Syria and showed its best side.

a few weeks ago, articles on the re-entry of the T-34 flashed in the Internet news, apparently this is the future of the Russian army ..... and "armata" for export, as is customary with all new weapons, in this God-forsaken state