Battle of Belogorovka


A complete map of the defeat of several tactical groups near Belogorovka has been published

A complete map of the defeat of battalion tactical groups on the Northern Donets was compiled.

After the images from drones and satellites of the mysterious defeat of troops near Belogorovka, during the unsuccessful crossing of the Northern Donets River, appeared, enthusiasts were able to compile a complete map of what happened by “gluing” the images and demonstrating the real scale of what happened.

In the presented image, you can see what actually happened when trying to force the Northern Donets River. As it turned out, the equipment located near the river is only an insignificant part of the losses, since the losses on the approaches to the Northern Donets are much more serious. This can be assessed on the map of what happened.

In total, experts identified at least 73 units of military and military equipment, which were destroyed literally in a matter of minutes by high-precision strikes. According to the most conservative estimates, we are talking about the destruction of two battalion tactical groups, and even if we assume that part of the equipment could have time to cross to the other side of the river, the losses are simply colossal.

Earlier, a video of the destruction of the crossing on the Northern Donets was published, however, due to the insufficiently high quality of the video, it was not possible to record the destruction of equipment.