Published a full video of the fire-ship attack on the base of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia

Surveillance cameras filmed a full video of the attack by maritime drones on Sevastopol.

During another Ukrainian attack on Crimea using surface unmanned aerial vehicles, it turned out that surveillance cameras installed in the area of ​​the Sevastopol Bay managed to film the moment the fire-ships approached the place of their attack. The video helps clarify some of the details of the night attack. However, there were quite a few questions about the video, since, apparently, the drones were blown up remotely.

On the presented video frames, you can see how marine unmanned vehicles are approaching the Sevastopol Bay. Drones perform maneuvers, probably by correcting their course, while the speed of movement of marine vehicles is quite high.

However, in one of the video fragments, you can see how the marine drone stops for a moment, and after a few more seconds it explodes. At the same time, there is no evidence that the drone is being fired upon. This caused a number of suspicions that the marine drone could be stopped by special networks, and its undermining was carried out remotely.

Notably, unlike the previous attack by maritime drones, this drone is slightly smaller and has a more streamlined surface, likely to evade detection. This indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively working on the creation of new variants of maritime drones to carry out more successful attacks.


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