A video from the epicenter of the explosion of the Russian Iskander missile has been published

After the explosion of the Iskander OTRK missile, a multi-meter crater was formed, the equipment was scattered around the area like toys.

The media published a video made directly in the epicenter of the explosion of the Iskander tactical missile system. As a result of the impact, and the explosion, in all likelihood, was made several meters above the ground, a multi-meter crater was formed, and the loaded multi-ton trucks located nearby were scattered.

The video footage shows the consequences of a missile strike, according to the media, by the Russian tactical missile OTRK Iskander, while experts pay attention to the damage to the cabin of one of the trucks, which was apparently located in the very epicenter of the explosion - it was literally torn apart by hundreds of fragments.

Judging by the radius of the destroyed equipment, experts express the opinion that the explosion of the warhead was made a few meters above the ground, since otherwise, the trucks located here would have contained most of the missile's damaging elements.

On the other hand, to date, the Russian defense department has not confirmed the fact of striking the militants using the Iskander tactical missile, although the Russian media reported about the launch of the missile from the Khmeimim military airfield.