OTRK Iskander strike


Video of night strike by Russian Iskander on Syrian jihadists published

Russia attacked the Syrian jihadists with the use of Iskander OTRK.

A group of several dozen Syrian jihadists, whose headquarters were located in the vicinity of the city of Jarablus in northern Syria, was destroyed by a powerful strike from the Russian Iskander tactical missile system. Information on this score was confirmed not only by a source in Syria, but also by the Russian media, while as a result of the strike, hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel and oil products were destroyed.

“On the evening of October 23, 2020, powerful explosions rocked the city of Jub al-Qusa, which is under the control of pro-Turkish militants. It is located between Jerablus and Manbij in northern Syria in the Aleppo province and is the largest black market for oil and petroleum products in the region. It was from here that raw materials and processed products were sent to Turkey. Photos and videos of burning storage facilities with oil and fuel and lubricants, as well as a huge number of tank trucks, appeared on the Web. After that, users began to wonder who could have acted so unfriendly towards Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose family has been controlling this business since the beginning of the civil war in Syria. There are two main versions of what happened. According to the first, the sources claim that the strike was carried out by the US Air Force planes. In addition, American drones were spotted in the area the day before. According to the second, the attack was carried out by the Russians. Allegedly, some time before what happened in the area of ​​the Khmeimim airbase, local residents recorded the launch of Iskander-M missiles., - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

Judging by the video of the destruction and the area destroyed by one blow, we can really talk about the use of the Iskander OTRK, especially since Russian military aviation does not operate in this area, and Turkey could almost certainly attack an American plane that was striking the area with Turkish servicemen , not to mention the proximity of the destroyed fuel depots to the Turkish border.

According to preliminary data, as a result of a tactical missile strike, over half a million liters of fuel and oil products could be destroyed, which was supposed to be smuggled into neighboring Turkey.

It should be clarified that initially Avia.pro sources reported that the blow was delivered by a Russian bomber.