Published a video of the transfer of Russian military to Venezuela

The Russian military was transferred to Venezuela.

The news agency obtained unique video footage, in which, according to the source, the Russian military is being transferred to Venezuela. We are not talking about representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense, but about mercenaries of one of the private military companies who are unloaded from the board of the newly arrived C-130 military transport aircraft of the Venezuelan Air Force in the Grand Bara region in the state of Bolivar.

According to some reports, the unique video footage was made relatively recently, and, moreover, previously there was information that Russian military mercenaries were involved in protecting the border with Colombia, from where American and Colombian mercenaries had previously tried to break through.

Apparently, only military personnel were transported on board the aircraft, since the aircraft was not unloaded, and after the arrival of the military transport aircraft, the military were immediately taken away in cars, probably belonging to the Venezuelan Armed Forces.

At the moment, there are no official statements from Caracas regarding the video that has appeared, and, moreover, there are no objective reasons to assert that we are talking about Russian mercenaries, even despite the rather close relations between Russia and Venezuela, however, previously there were regular reports of the discovery of groups of Russian military on the territory of Venezuela, which, albeit indirectly, confirms the information that has appeared on this score.