Intercept ship


A video of the interception of a British destroyer off the coast of Crimea by Russian aerospace forces has been published

There was a video of an attack by Russian fighters and Su-24 bombers on a British destroyer near Crimea.

A few hours ago, the British missile destroyer HMS Defender violated Russian territorial waters near Crimea, refusing to obey the legal demands of the Russian military to change course, as a result of which Russian fighters and bombers were sent to intercept the British warship - unique video footage of this was at the disposal of information and news agency

The video footage shows how Russian fighters and bombers are chasing the British ship, pushing it away from the Crimean Peninsula, while the video footage shows that the Russian Black Sea Fleet ship accompanying the British warship does not have time to prevent the ship from breaking through into the territorial waters of Russia.

It should be noted that the presented video frames do not contain facts confirming the infliction of warning bomb strikes along the course of a British warship, as previously stated by representatives of the Russian defense department, especially since the British Ministry of Defense also denied these data.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Russia could well have inflicted direct strikes on the destroyer for invading the territorial waters of Russia, however, for unknown reasons, did not do this.

Wait, I heard on the news that there were several SU-24s over the British, but on the video I saw only one .. That is why the bombing was not included in the recording .. It is not clear only why we are so indifferent to such attacks .. It seems Soon this "Caudle" will grow bolder and with its fangs will climb on the "bear", and as I remember, even a pack of dogs can drive the "king of the forest", not to mention the "wolves" ..

Quote from the title of the article: ".... the interception of the British destroyer by the Russian Aerospace Forces ..."
Dear friends, well, don't write this ... - you can intercept an airplane by an airplane or a ship by a ship ...
The aircraft can warn of violation by flight or demonstration of weapons and even using weapons in the direction of the ship, but "intercepting" this is an unnecessary fraction of a fast object.
In Russian, ne-re-hva-titit. 1. grabbing, stop someone's movement with your hands. 2. to detain, to stop someone, something during the way, following. 3. moving across the path, towards, specifically collide, meet someone,

And bank cells in the same place. And if this captain got to Sushka? Until the end of his short life in the remaining 3 months, he would know how not to get into the Western partners of the GDP. And his family would instantly emigrate to Magadan, forever. Try to drag tons of gold in bars without customs on the plane without the permission of the Guarantor? And where is the gold packed? And you remember about these boats., Under such protection, for 27 minutes in front of the Sevastopol embankment, he did a defile back and forth under the protection of the entire Black Sea Fleet, accompanied by an aviation escort

What nonsense, and planes? The usual, standard provocation.

They spit in our faces soon they will knock their teeth out, I wonder where is the Russian special forces, where is the Russian army, has comrade Shoigu really been transferred to the State Duma

the reason is known. their children study in england.



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