Helicopter shot down


Video of missile hitting Azerbaijani military helicopter published

A rocket hit an Azerbaijani military helicopter on video.

The Armenian Defense Ministry has published a video showing the moment when an anti-aircraft guided missile, released, according to some sources, by the Osa air defense missile system, hit an Azerbaijani military helicopter. Almost immediately after launch, the rocket successfully aimed at the rotorcraft and hit it.

On the presented video frames, you can see that as a result of the missile hit, the military helicopter was practically left without a chance. Only a few moments before the hit, the crew, apparently noticing the rocket flying into the helicopter, tried to take some action to evade, however, taking into account the rocket's flight speed and its final aiming at the target, the missile successfully hit the target.

Sources say that we are talking about a Mi-8 helicopter of the Azerbaijani Air Force, which is supposed to carry a group of military personnel, however, due to the fact that the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is armed with a lot of air defense equipment, and in addition, the airspace here is also covered by Armenian medium-range air defense systems, Baku suffers very serious losses in the ranks of its air forces, in particular, it is reported that this is already the seventh military helicopter lost by this side of the conflict over the last four days of the confrontation.

..in the last frames, you can see how people scattered in different directions (human remains) ...

He threw it to me in a video where the Armenians make models of drones they made themselves shot down and then they will say that the Azerbaijani was an UAV

Why is the Mi-8 going at such a HEIGHT with such light relief ?! Why is it hanging?

In other sources, this is a drone, not a helicopter. Yes, and in the video it looks more like a quadcopter.