Published a video of the confrontation of the Ukrainian ZSU Gepard against a cruise missile

The first video of the confrontation between the cruise missile and the Ukrainian ZSU Gepard has been published.

During the massive missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine a few hours ago, Ukrainian troops used German self-propelled anti-aircraft guns Gepard to repel the attacks. The latter, although not intended to combat cruise missiles, turned out to be quite effective, as evidenced by the video, which shows how the German complex shoots down a cruise missile.

On video footage of the Ukrainian military, you can see the moment of the successful interception of a cruise missile over the territory of Ukraine. Despite the fact that the distance to the target was several kilometers, literally in 20 shots the cruise missile was successfully shot down, as evidenced by the corresponding explosion of the latter. To date, this is the first known episode of the use of German ZSU Gepard in Ukraine against cruise missiles.

It is not known which missile was shot down, however, earlier over the territory of Ukraine it was possible to capture the flight of Kh-101 cruise missiles. This does not exclude the possibility that it was she who was hit, especially since the flight of the rocket took place at a low altitude, which is more than typical for missiles of this type.


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