Published video of a ballistic missile strike on the capital of Saudi Arabia

The Houthis attacked the capital of Saudi Arabia.

A few hours ago, Yemeni rebels attacked the Saudi capital of Riyadh with long-range ballistic missiles. The missiles covered a distance of more than 900 kilometers, but were never noticed by the American Patriot air defense / missile defense systems.

In the video footage presented, you can see how ballistic missiles come to a target already over Riyadh itself, however, here the air defense means nevertheless noticed Yemeni ballistic missiles and intercepted at least two of them, which got on the video footage.

Given the distance covered by the missiles, the latter were able to successfully break through at least 6 areas of deployment of the Patriot air defense / missile defense systems. Given the high construction density of the Saudi capital, an unsuccessful interception of Yemeni ballistic missiles could lead to unthinkable casualties and injuries, although the Houthis themselves previously reported that they were only interested in Saudi Arabian military facilities, which does not exclude the possibility that the attacks were carried out on the bases of the armed forces Saudi Arabia and military airfields.

Earlier it became known that Iran transferred to the Yemeni rebels at least 10 medium and long-range missiles.