Published video of the strike on the most protected US airbase

There was a video of an air strike on the most protected US airbase.

The information and news resource now has unique video footage of an air strike on one of the most protected American strategic bases, which is guarded by dozens of air defense systems, military aircraft and warships of the US Navy.

In the video footage presented, you can see how a combat aircraft carries out a missile strike at an American military air base, successfully overcoming the positional areas of air defense means.

Despite the fact that the video is propaganda in nature, experts believe that the PRC is really ready for such a turn of events, moreover, not only with the use of bombers, but also with the help of cruise and intercontinental hypersonic missiles.

Analysts, after analyzing the situation, draw attention to the fact that the weakest point of the PRC Air Force is the high visibility of US air defense radars, and therefore, China needs either a new strategic bomber or the development of long-range aircraft missiles, however, in general in general, China is well placed to confront the United States and destroy the largest strategic base of the American army.