Video of Turkish F-16 strike on Stepanakert published

The journalists published a video of the Turkish F-16 fighter jets hitting Stepanakert.

Russian military journalists of the ANNA News news agency were able to capture the moment of Turkish F-16 fighter jets hitting the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, which was initially reported by the Russian project “Wargonzo”. This is the first recorded evidence of the strike of Turkish combat aircraft on the territory of Artsakh.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the passage of Turkish combat aircraft and strikes with aerial bombs, most likely with a laser guidance system. Despite the appearance of Turkish fighters in the depths of the territory of Karabakh, the latter were not detected by either short-range air defense or medium and long-range air defense systems, which does not exclude the use of electronic suppression means, or the banal unavailability of the air defense weapons in the army of Artsakh and Armenia.

Remarkable is the fact that the attack on Stepanakert was delivered on the personal order of the Turkish leader, and, apparently, in response to the attack of the Russian bomber aircraft on the camp of the pro-Turkish forces in the Idlib province - the jihadists were supposed to go to Karabakh within the next few days, however, nearly two hundred of them were destroyed.

Experts do not exclude that the current strike by Turkish F-16s may lead to a much wider military operation of Ankara in the territory of Karabakh and Armenia.

A question to Ivan the Fool. Where does the "country" and su-35cm come from in the "country" unrecognized in the world, even in Armenia? Time has gone.

I have not noticed a single plane ... Maybe this is the quality of the video? or am I blind? or weren't there?

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and where was krasukha and su-30cm?