Military in Syria
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Photo: DatViet


Photos of tests of Russian exoskeletons in Syria published

Photos of tests of Russian exoskeletons in Syria have appeared.

After the Russian side recognized the fact that Russian military specialists use unique exoskeletons on the territory of Syria, which make it possible not only to facilitate the tasks associated with the transfer of units to various regions of the Arab Republic, but also to provide the ability to carry three times more weight, at the disposal news agency turned out to be photographs showing the use of unique uniforms by the Russian military in the Arab Republic.

In the photographs presented, you can see that the Russian military is quite actively using the resulting exoskeletons, including in military operations. This, in turn, allows us to assert that such uniforms have a number of prospects, and in the near future, it is likely that it will be further improved on the basis of tests on the territory of the same Syria.

It should be noted that previously there was information that the Russian military in Syria may use special exoskeletons, however, the information was confirmed only a few days ago.

If the photos were true, the faces of the fighters would have been smeared.

Why do that ??? These are shots from the set of the film "The Defenders". I used to trust your resource.