Syria military base


Published photos of the new Russian military base in Syria

New Russian military base in Syria caught on satellite imagery.

The Russian military settled in a new military base in central Syria. The first information about the appearance of Russian forces at the Tabka military airfield appeared in the fall. At the same time, even photographs were published with S-300 systems deployed at a military facility (the latter, as it turned out, turned out to be only mock-ups - ed.), however, it was only now possible to obtain objective information about the military base.

On satellite images of the Russian military base "Tabka" you can see that the sites for the placement of military equipment, incl. helicopters, air defense systems, radars, etc. have already been carefully prepared, although the satellite image dates from the end of November 2021. The satellite image also showed two destroyed hangars for the placement of air equipment, where, judging by the high activity, work is probably underway related to the restoration of shelters for the subsequent placement of military equipment here.

According to the Twitter user of the Obretix account, this is a Russian military facility, although the Russian side has not announced that another Russian military base will be located in this region.

Judging by a number of data posted on the Web, units of a private military company may be located at the new Russian military base, but at the moment such information has not received any confirmation.