Published footage of alleged preparations for an attack on Russian ships off the coast of Syria

There were footage of preparations for an attack by an American submarine on Russian warships.

After the loud announcement of the American television channel Fox News that the American submarine John Warner intended to attack Russian warships off the coast of Syria during cruise missile strikes on the territory of the Arab Republic several years earlier, a video of the launch of missiles by an American submarine appeared. with the subsequent withdrawal to the depths, which caused a very heated discussion even among specialists, since we can really talk about preparing for an attack on Russian ships.

Analysts drew attention to the fact that the US military did indeed consider a likely retaliatory strike against its ships and aircraft, as evidenced by the presence of NATO ships at a very great distance from the Syrian coast and the flights of bombers over neighboring countries.

Obviously, at the time of the NATO attack, the American submarine went under water in order to avoid a retaliatory strike and to launch a counterstrike if a response does follow.

“The attack in April 2018 was the combat debut for the Virginia-class submarine. USS John Warner has launched six Tomahawks from the Mediterranean across Syria. She then dived in and prepared to sink any Russian warships if they took action against any US Navy ships in the area, including the one that acted as decoy and did not launch missiles into Syria, which has never been previously reported. "- сообщает Fox News.

Nevertheless, at the time of the attack, Russian submarines were also located at the Russian naval base in Tartus at the time of the attack, which could well have destroyed the American submarine if the latter took at least some aggressive action against the Russian fleet.

"After the fight, the Americans are waving their fists." There was nothing their submarine could do but leave or surrender.
I remember the moment when there were reports on Syria and it was noted that the Russian military (and the Navy too) were put on full alert. Thank God we no longer believe "at the word", as Gorbachev believed