Published footage of how Russian bombers for several hours equalized the positions of jihadists in Syria

Large-scale attacks by Russian bombers on jihadist positions in Syria lasted for several hours.

The information and news agency obtained unique footage showing a large-scale counter-terrorist operation with the involvement of bomber aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces. According to reports, Russian warplanes launched several dozen air strikes, and the bombing of the jihadist positions itself lasted for several hours.

In the presented footage, you can see that the air strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces were of a truly large-scale nature - the bombing of areas with concentrated forces of terrorists was carried out.

At the same time, Syrian sources claim that thanks to the actions of the Russian military, it was possible to eliminate about a hundred jihadists who were transferring their forces to the front in the de-escalation zone, as well as more than a dozen pieces of equipment, including MLRS installations, vehicles, armored vehicles, etc. the destruction of at least two headquarters and several militant weapons depots.

It should be noted that the Russian military is closely monitoring the situation in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, and in the event of a violation of the de-escalation agreements, they actively remind the militants of the consequences of their disruption.