Fighter of the fifth generation


New photos of mysterious Russian fighter based on Su-57 published

Detailed photos of the new Russian fifth generation fighter have emerged.

The newest Russian fifth-generation fighter, based on the domestic Su-57, is scheduled to be officially presented only on July 20. Photos have already appeared on the Web, which allow you to make out in detail what kind of aircraft we are talking about.

In the images presented, you can clearly see that we are talking about a single-engine combat aircraft. This confirms the previously reported information that the newest Russian fifth generation fighter will be exactly light.

Considering the photographs presented, the main design features of the Russian Su-57 are also preserved in the new combat aircraft, while a wide air intake can be seen in the front of the fighter.

Judging by some design features, we are not talking about the layout of the new fighter, as originally reported by the information and news resource, but about a full-fledged prototype or even a pre-production model, although no information about the tests of this combat vehicle has previously appeared.

Experts do not exclude that interest in the whole world may really appear in the Russian fifth-generation light fighter, however, at the moment it remains unknown how much one such aircraft will cost and how quickly it will be possible to establish mass production of these combat vehicles.




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