Helicopter crash


The first photos of the destroyed Russian Mi-28Н helicopter are published

Published the first photo from the site of the destroyed Russian Mi-28 helicopter.

Information resources and social networks published a photo from the crash site of the Russian Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopter, which crashed a few days ago in the Krasnodar Territory.

Judging by the photograph presented, the car was critically damaged when it fell to the ground, however, it is noteworthy that the car fell screw down, which indicates that the cause of the tragedy could be either a technical malfunction or a crew error, however, given that The fact that there were highly qualified pilots in the cockpit, there are doubts that the human factor was the cause of everything.

According to sources, one of the pilots was found directly in the cockpit of the crashed Mi-28 helicopter, while the other was thrown out of the cockpit - it was found in 100-150 meters from the crashed car.

According to experts, when returning to a military airfield, control over the rotorcraft could be lost, in connection with which, the latter was turned upside down in the air, but there were no official comments from the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this subject.

So he’s a fool, for one word “destroyed” you need to take away his pencil so that he doesn’t write anymore!

So he’s a fool, for one word “destroyed” you need to take away his pencil so that he doesn’t write anymore!

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Do not flip in the air! Well, it is clear that the blow fell on the bow from below, even the racks broke.
It is obvious that at speed he caught on the ground and somersaulted.
By the way, one of the first information about this directly stated something like this: "In difficult weather conditions, I hooked the earth."

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Who admits such humanities to write articles about technology. If the helicopter fell screw down from it, there would be nothing left. He landed on the chassis with increased vertical speed and then rolled over. What the broken right and tail landing gears hinted at.

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the fezulage is very strong at the 28th

Based on the available information and the photo of the “On the Screw” disaster, I suspect that in the conditions of supercooled intense precipitation in the surface layer, there was intense icing, rotor pinning and coup ....

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