The first video footage from the place of the failed crossing near Belogorovka has been published

The first video footage has appeared from the site of the destruction of more than a hundred pieces of military equipment in the Belogorovka area.

Residents of the village of Belogorovka (Popasnyansky district, Luhansk region) visited the site of the destruction of a huge amount of military and military equipment after an unsuccessful attempt to cross the river. Relevant video footage showing the scale of the destroyed military equipment was published on the Web.

On the presented video frames, you can see a huge amount of destroyed military equipment, abandoned weapons, etc. Apparently, the strikes were so powerful that the military equipment was not just damaged, but completely destroyed. This is indicated by literally broken armor of armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, burnt out tanks, etc. No less impressive is a piece of armor torn off from a combat vehicle, which pierced a tree at great speed.

Part of the military equipment turned out to be so badly damaged that it is simply impossible to identify it, however, the video frames themselves indicate massive losses - according to the latest data, more than 103 units of military equipment were destroyed in the area of ​​​​the failed crossing in the Belogorovka region (the last time it was reported about 73 units of destroyed military equipment).