Published the first video footage from the scene of the explosion in Nyonoks

Local residents published footage from the sites of the explosion in Nyonoks.

The mysterious explosion that thundered at the military facility of the Russian Navy in Nenoks still raises a lot of questions among experts. Nevertheless, the locals published video frames of the destroyed floating platform, which shows that the explosion really took place, however, it is clear that its power was relatively small, since the platform is still afloat.

As can be seen on the presented video frames, the Russian military used two platforms in tests at once, while one of them was damaged. In turn, the local resident, who published unique footage, draws attention to the fact that the platforms are still offshore - the military did not bother to remove them.

Given the dimensions of the floating platforms, we are obviously not talking about testing a rocket with a nuclear power plant, the dimensions of which are very large, not to mention the fact that this requires a launcher. Nevertheless, it is possible that the engine of this rocket was subjected to tests.

A few hours earlier, the Norwegian media reported a second explosion in Nenox, but this information was rejected by the Russian side.

Have you ever been to Nenox at all?

And how did this “local people” get to the secret training ground of the Russian Defense Ministry? Such "troughs" as in the "photo fact" can be found along the coast hundreds. It's ridiculous!