Wreckage Airbus A320


Published last entry from the diary and letters copilot staged accident in France

The co-pilot of the crashed airliner in France suffered from severe stress.

The German authorities published on the eve of the day the latest entries from the diary of the co-pilot of the German airline “GermanWings”, in which the man writes about his severe stress, insomnia and hallucinations. In addition, this information is also contained in the last letter of Andreas Ljubits to his attending physician, however, for some reason, a severe mental disorder was caused, at the moment remains unknown.

In view of emerging new circumstances of the crash that occurred in the south of France, experts believe that the man simply could fall into insanity and not be aware of their actions, however, it is necessary to clarify that the doctors examined the pilot before the flight is no problem in his health did not reveal that also indicates acquiescence on their part.