The consequences of hitting a Turkish missile in the Osa air defense system have been published

SAM "Osa" was destroyed by a drone, for which it was fully prepared.

The news agency obtained a unique photograph of the consequences of being hit by a Roketsan MAM-L guided missile fired by a Turkish UAV at the Osa anti-aircraft missile system. Despite the fact that such air defense systems are suitable for countering drones, the complex not only did not notice the aircraft, but was completely destroyed by the missile.

In the presented photograph you can see the destroyed Osa air defense missile system. Externally, the damage seems minimal, however, the entire rear of the combat vehicle was destroyed, and the soldiers inside were killed. In fact, the unsuccessful use of these anti-aircraft missile systems against unmanned aerial vehicles suggests that over the next 5-7 years they may be decommissioned by 90%, since such vehicles, although they have high mobility, today they are simply ineffective in combat kits, which has been proven, including in Syria.

Earlier, representatives of the RA Ministry of Defense stated that the purchase of these complexes turned out to be a useless investment, since the cost of one air defense system for the needs of Yerevan is comparable to the cost of 20 Chinese-made strike-type UAVs.