MLRS strikes


The effects of strikes on Khmeimim airbase are published.

The effects of strikes on Hmeimim airbase have been published.

Social networks have spread photographs depicting the first minutes after the attacks of the terrorists of the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham group (a terrorist group whose activities are officially banned in Russia - ed.) On the Russian military Hmeimim airbase. Despite the fact that the media announced the interception of all the missiles of terrorists, it became known that several of them fell on settlements near the Russian military facility.

In the presented photographs one can see that a large number of rockets were used for strikes on the Russian military airbase. Some of them were intercepted, but some fell on residential buildings. Reported several injured and very significant property damage.

It should be clarified that the Syrian city of Jabla is being attacked by militants far from the first time - some of the missiles produced by the RSZO have time to overcome the lines of air defense and fall outside the air base.

It should be noted that since the beginning of this week this is at least the third attempt of the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham terrorists to attack the Russian military Hmeimim airbase using MLRS, and, in some cases, the attacks were preceded by unmanned aerial vehicles.

the main thing is that ours do not fall and the Syrians fall