Detonation of bomb


The consequences of the explosion of a powerful Russian high-explosive bomb

In the crater from the explosion of a powerful Russian high-explosive bomb, you can hide a multi-storey residential building.

A user of the Fighterbomber social network posted a photo showing the consequences of the explosion of one of the most powerful air bombs, among the high-explosive aircraft bomb FAB-3000 that is in the arsenal of the Russian Air Force. The bomb blast turned out to be so powerful that a funnel formed in which you can easily fit a multi-story residential building.

According to the author who published the photo, when using such an aerial bomb you can’t even aim, because with such massive destruction, the enemy will still suffer tremendous damage.

“This is the very weapon that changes landscapes and turns river channels. You can’t even really aim. It is enough to throw it at the target area and a new lake will simply appear there. And you can throw not one, but several. Wonderful bombing "- Fighterbomber reports.

Judging by the data of open sources, the mass of the explosive substance of the FAB-3000 aerial bomb is about 1400 kilograms, however, in addition to this bomb, the Russian airborne forces also have a much more powerful weapon - the FAB-9000, the explosive mass of which, in TNT equivalent, is about 4300 kilogram.

In the FIRST CHECHNYA, several FAB 9000 were used in the attack on the presidential palace. Well, and a lot of different ammunition. were not even known

I don’t know how about the whole civilization, but for all our enemies it’s definitely enough, it’ll certainly not seem to anyone !!!

Well, and what will all this lead to?
Already got a lie.
Nobody lies like the military.

The author writes "in TNT equivalent." Maybe he's right?

Dear, now trotil in the past .. You would still measure dynamite in cars. Shas 1gr ..... replaces 15 kg of TNT.

..........., and after that, they built a city and called it - Bombay ...

Yeah, they work in PMCs, and how bad things are in Russia! What kind of connection?

And who says white helmets?

You certainly can, started with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and then Vietnam, etc. .. ((

It's good! We will destroy civilization reliably!

Above the line they wrote to you 33 cars 1 ktn.

Better yet, on your account ...
Even the United States does not build gardens and schools in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria ....

And in the construction of kindergartens and assistance to their citizens, this can not be translated?

The only koment worthy of respect! Congratulations!

You have an inaccurate eye, if the height of the person on the edge of the crater is 1,7 m, the depth is about 15 meters.

Judging by the vegetation along the edges of the crater and the distant landscape, the bomb was tested at the test site.

The explosives production plant has long gone bankrupt; these are the last bombs.

And after that, someone speaks of humanity, do you say point explosions in the city ?, against militants?

leave Putin alone. WISDOM!

It can be seen that near the funnel, not a single building was blown away by a blast wave.

Michurin sorry no, he would have prepared potatoes for this hole)))

Regrettably ...

We were also far behind Germany

A good opportunity for the Baltic-Black Sea Canal through the territory of Poland and Urquain ... And one should be protected from the coronovirus and other infestation ...

Sofa PMCs can talk a lot, and even very beautifully.

Pasha is my acquaintance, they work there in the "PMC" and they have a different opinion. No matter how painful it is, we are lagging behind the Turkish army and very significantly ...

This is not a wagon ... remember the inscription on the wagon of a freight train for bulk materials - "60 tons", it is clear that the mass will vary depending on the density, but within small limits (= / -) 5 t, and so - one kiloton is 33 wagons with TNT will be ...

A nuclear bomb is only one kilotonne equivalent to one thousand tons of TNT. This is all the same as a wreck with a TNT.

or maybe a channel ... or 10-20

Yes. Photoshop greatly reduced it. In fact, it (the funnel) is much deeper and wider. A 9-12-storey building will fit there and 350-500 meters in diameter

and you say the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles will be closed ... they told the Turks earlier that we would do the channels ourselves. here is a living example

At the same time, you’ll get rid of your neighbors!
Wonderful thing!

worry about your

I need a nice pool, send the coordinates?

It's you, Alexander, photo montage. And in the photo is the most natural funnel from the FAB-3000. I myself used these in the late 80s.

Photoshop This is a photo montage.

for sure! Respect! how many civilians in Syria ruined.

What are you talking about, and here is Putin?

Here is how. So do you like what the Americans did in Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, and many places around the world?

In the photo there are two explosions, if that.

We’ll all be there, some earlier, some later.

need the American terrorist forces to bomb the place with these bombs

Tatyana, do not pay attention to the sick on the head of the hack. But the fact that the moderator skips such comments is sad.

Tatyana, do not pay attention to the sick on the head of the hack. But the fact that the moderator skips such comments is sad.

FAB-9000 explosion in the studio!

something of the same Americans doesn’t bother throwing such BOMBULS on the children of all countries where they defend their interests .. and they wanted to shit on these BABIES ..... but because - I will say this - cruel times dictate cruel rules .. .. otherwise, it’s exactly on YOUR little ones - such bombs will be thrown off ... and already the intestines of YOUR little ones - will fly hundreds of meters ..... so - before climbing with your stupid comments - you should think at least a little. ..

You are not right. The embarrassment from such words has long been buried by the media and "patriots" like you, who look down at the US and Europe with servility and do not respect their country. It's easy to condemn - but to do something yourself .... - the gut is thin. Do you want everything ready-made on a plate with a blue border. And I respect the Americans for being proud of their country and working on their own, and not waiting for their house to be repaired or an apartment they will give it is not clear for what merits.

Russians are no longer confused by the words "death", "grief", bomb "," sadism "," aggression "--- Putin instilled these words in them with mother's milk !!!

How disgusting your comment sounds, "passer-by." You are, indeed, a passer-by, not like a person. Why is the moderator skipping such comments? If you don't like the word "bomb", which really sounds so-so, then how much more disgusting is what you wrote.

2-3 bombs and a lake.

Fighterbomber, I hope your kids sooner or later find themselves in the zone of destruction of this bomb. The guts of your little ones, hung on electrical wiring, a magnificent sight!



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