Unique hunting shots of Russian Mi-24 in Syria have been published. Video

Russian attack helicopters hunted Syrian terrorists.

In connection with the intensification of the terrorist activities of the militants of the “Islamic State” (a terrorist group banned in Russia - approx. Ed.), As well as militants supported by Turkey, the Russian air forces began to arrange a hunt. One of the moments of such a hunt was captured by local residents.

On the presented video frames you can see that the Russian military helicopters, and judging by the video material, we are talking about several combat vehicles, we are combing the terrain with the formation. Judging by the speed and altitude of the flight, the militants really began to hunt, while, as experts say, terrorists have no chance against Russian attack helicopters.

It is noteworthy that Russian combat helicopters were spotted in the region of Deir ez-Zor province, which confirms the version that the hunt was most likely carried out by the militants of the Islamic State, however, there were no official comments on this subject from the command the Russian aerospace forces did not do anything in Syria.

It must be clarified that the Russian Mi-24 attack helicopters have proven themselves in combat, including in Syria.

I flew lower in Transnistria.