Published unique shots with the newest air-conditioner "Pine". Video

The updated “Pine” of the Ministry of Defense was shown on video.

The Zvezda TV channel published a story in which a new modification of the Pine missile system (SAM) was presented - in the configuration on the BMP-3 chassis. This modification of the air defense system is planned to be presented at the upcoming international military-technical forum “Army-2019.

Describing the "Pine", deputy technical director of the "Design Bureau of Precision Engineering. A.E. Nudelman "Vladimir Ukleev noted that the complex is able to work at any time of the day and under adverse weather conditions.

The complex can repel attacks of airplanes and helicopters, destroy cruise missiles, suppress lightly armored vehicles. The management of "Pine" can provide only two people - a driver and operator-gunner.

"The main property of the machine, - stressed Ukleev, - this is what it is radio silence ".

He further explained that the optical range is used for detection and targeting. This does not allow the enemy to detect the car.