Rocket strike Caliber


Unique footage of the destruction of the ground target by the Russian caliber rocket has been published. Video

The Russian caliber rocket flew over 250 kilometers in 2,5 minutes and destroyed the target with precision.

The Russian military published unique video frames demonstrating the moment of launch and destruction of the Caliber cruise missile of a ground target located more than 250 kilometers from the launch site. The Russian missile covered this distance in only 137 seconds, and hit the target with an accuracy of a meter.

“In the shots taken by free riders, it is clear that the cruise missile hit the target on the coastal training ground. She flew along a complex path about 250 kilometers in 137 seconds. ”, - the "TASS" informs.

It is known that the launch of the Caliber cruise missile was carried out by the Admiral Essen frigate in the Black Sea, and, as experts say, this is far from the limit for the Russian missile, in particular, it was previously reported that Russian cruise missiles successfully hit the position of terrorists in Syria from a distance of several thousand kilometers, which, by the way, today not capable of any cruise missile, which is in the arsenal of potential opponents of Russia.

It is noteworthy that earlier it became known that the ground-based missile complex is being developed on the basis of the naval Caliber, and the latter will also be able to hit targets with great accuracy at distances up to 2-2,5 thousand kilometers.

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Strange, the missile is subsonic, but according to the report it crossed 250 km in 137 seconds? This corresponds to a speed of almost 1.5M. What's the news?

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