Video footage of the devastating consequences of the explosion at a Russian checkpoint in Syria

Social networks posted footage of devastating effects at a Russian checkpoint in Syria.

A few days ago, near the village of El Scalabia, a series of powerful explosions occurred in the territory of the ammunition depot next to the Russian-Syrian checkpoint. At the disposal of the resource were unique video frames made directly at the site of the explosions, demonstrating devastating consequences.

In the video frames presented by the Telegram community of Gallifrey Technologies, you can see that several buildings were literally destroyed by explosions, which also applies to metal structures, where, obviously, ammunition was stored.

According to the previously published news agency Ebaa News, at least 40 people died and suffered as a result of the explosions, and if initially only the death of one Russian high-ranking officer was reported, then a number of sources claim that there are at least two dead among the Russian military.

The reasons for the explosion at the ammunition depot are still unknown - according to some sources, the drone attack was the reason for this, however, none of the Syrian terrorist groups have so far claimed responsibility, and for others the improper storage of ammunition, and how consequence of their spontaneous detonation.

It should be noted that the representatives of the RF Ministry of Defense have not yet commented on this information.

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