Published video footage of the destruction of the Saudi UAV Wing Loong II from the Osa air defense system

Yemeni rebels published the Wing Loong II drone destroyed by the same Osa air defense system.

A few hours ago, Yemeni rebels announced the destruction of the Saudi strike drone Wing Loong II, which was heading to the area where the Apache attack helicopter was shot down two days ago, and after Saudi Arabia denied the loss of its drone, video frames were published on which you can see that the drone is really shot down, and, according to several sources, the aircraft was destroyed by the same Osa air defense system as the attack helicopter.

With the advent of the corresponding video frames, there were no more doubts about the successful protection of their airspace by the Hussites, however, experts somewhat doubted that the UAV was indeed destroyed by an anti-aircraft missile, as indicated by its uncharacteristic damage.

“Given that the attack helicopter was torn into two parts, most likely there would be nothing left of the drone except debris. Perhaps he was shot down from an anti-aircraft installation, however, at the same time, a lot of questions arise, since the drone was shot down in the same area as the combat helicopter ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that the official Riyadh does not comment on the destruction of its drone in any way, despite the publication of the corresponding video frames.