Records from the cockpit


Published records from the cockpit of the pilot crashed in 2009 French airliner

The records of the pilots of the Air France company crashed in the 2009 year in the Atlantic Ocean have been published.

Recall that the plane crash involving a French passenger airliner occurred under unexplained circumstances, although the version of why the plane crashed says that the fault of the pilot who turned off the automatic piloting system was to blame. The plane crashed and claimed the lives of 228 people, and the last words of the co-pilot of the aircraft sounded on the internal air were:

- “Damn, we will break! It is not true! What happened? ”

The response of the aircraft commander was the phrase:

"Damn, we're corpses!"

After a few more moments, the plane fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the received records, the version with disabling the automatic piloting system can be rejected, since the words of the co-pilot clearly indicate that the aircraft began to lose altitude without any action from the pilots.


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