Orban announced the need to support Ukraine in order to prevent the border with Russia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, after a meeting with the leaders of the Visegrad Group countries, spoke about the situation in Ukraine, emphasizing the difficulty of determining the winner in the conflict and called for the need for a peaceful settlement. Orbán believes that asking a question about the winner is to step into a trap where one of the parties is declared guilty and wrong in advance, which constitutes a “bad” position. In his opinion, the priority should be saving lives and starting peace negotiations as soon as possible.

The Hungarian leader expressed doubt about Ukraine's victory and noted that Hungary does not seek to have a common border with Russia, citing the negative historical experience of sharing a border with the Soviet Union. Orbán emphasized that Hungary’s national security requires that an independent state exist between its eastern border and Russia, which is the basis for providing assistance to Ukraine, based on Hungary’s national interests.

“One of the most important principles of Hungary’s national security is that to the east of us there should be an entity located between Russia and Hungary. Thus, we are helping Ukraine based on the national interests of Hungary.”, Orban explained.

At the same time, Orban confirmed that Hungary will not supply weapons to Ukraine, either with or without soldiers, but is ready to provide Kyiv with all possible support within the framework of the country’s national policy and interests.


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