Orientation - Crimea and the Red Wings Airlines


Orientation - Crimea and the Red Wings Airlines

March 28. An amazing thing is that faced with the threat of partial international isolation, the Government of the Russian Federation began to pay more and more attention to the development of domestic aviation. It is not known what prevented this earlier, but recently the Russian aviation industry has really revived. As they say - every cloud has a silver lining.

Aeroflot Red Wings yuteir animation  Recently, a meeting of an interdepartmental commission chaired by Dmitry Rogozin was held on the basis of the government of the Ulyanovsk region, where they talked about the support of domestic designers and the creation of an airline that will use only domestic aircraft, in this case Tu-204, which is produced in Ulyanovsk.

The reason for the desire to create a company that will fly exclusively on Tu-204-300 aircraft is Crimea, which will soon receive the status of a territory unrecognized by most countries. And as a result, it can be cut off from the world, since now there is a threat of sanctions from the United States and the European Union for all airlines that will transport passengers to Crimea, especially those that use airliners manufactured in these countries.

Now flights to Simferopol are carried out by companies: Aeroflot, S7 Airlines and UTair, but it is obvious that they will not jeopardize their reputation in Europe and the United States for the sake of the Crimean direction. In such a situation, the government of the Russian Federation made it clear that it would provide assistance to the airline that would take over the work in the Crimean direction and a day after the meeting in Ulyanovsk, such an initiative was shown by the far from prosperous Red Wings, which did not even have to rebuild. She already uses only Tu-204 airplanes, and now she will simply get a monopoly on flights to Crimea, since in this situation it will be necessary to remove major Russian air carriers from potential economic sanctions.

Red Wings had not previously flown in Simferopol, but now is ready to completely switch over to this area, where the expected load amount - in the holiday season 80-90%, and at other times - 60-70%. It is very likely that the current fleet Red Wings will not be enough to meet the demand for air carriers in the Crimea (the journey on the territory of Ukraine for the citizens of Russia, apparently, in the near future will be unpleasant and fraught with a number of bureaucratic delays) and producers Tu-204 will soon have to increase their production capacity, received new orders for aircraft.


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At the end of the year 2013 busiest airport of Simferopol was 1,2 million people per year and dealing with traffic in the Crimea Russian airlines made a minimum of 4 flight to the peninsula. At Red Wings now there 8-204 Tu and probably will not be enough to fulfill the intended mission due peninsula of Crimea with Russia.

Probably, in the future should be a question of establishing a special airline, which will focus only on the Crimean direction, it will receive subsidies from the state (otherwise, why bother needed this political fuss with Crimea?) And attract passengers prices that would be acceptable for the people wanting to get to the Crimea quickly and without any hassle at the border with Ukraine, if traveling by land transport.

For far from being profitable Red Wings this is a chance not only to survive, but also to obtain very promising for a small airline monopoly with good prospects for growth, and manufacturers Tu-204 get new orders. Blessing in disguise, but how well all the same as in the aviation industry are bent Russia remained at least one entirely domestic plane, which is not afraid of sanctions the EU and the United States and the airline that made him a bet!

Sergei Babarik specifically for Avia.pro


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