The original protection of NATO armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was ridiculed because of a strange video

The Ukrainian military tried to brag about NATO armored vehicles, but were only ridiculed.

The Ukrainian military published a video on the Web, which depicts the movement of Ukrainian military equipment supplied by NATO countries. An attempt to demonstrate the use of modern foreign equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed - instead of getting support, the Ukrainian military was suddenly ridiculed, the reason for which was the rather original protection of armored combat vehicles.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the Ukrainian military moves on tracked armored personnel carriers to one of their positions. Indeed, we are talking about NATO-style armored vehicles. However, the Web drew attention to the very original protection of armored personnel carriers with the help of branches and tree trunks, which immediately led to ridicule of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The placement of branches and tree trunks between the protective bars and armor of military vehicles, according to the Ukrainian military, should provide protection from shells and damage, however, in reality, such actions only unmask Ukrainian equipment and do not give combat vehicles any protective properties. Moreover, it is more than likely that there is no protection even against small arms, while any anti-tank missile will not even notice such an increase in armor.