Yakutia Airlines


Yakutia Airlines are required to pay $ 2,4 million

"VEB-Leasing" demands from the airline "Yakutia" duty refund of $ 2,4 million. Dollars.

According to the information and news portal Avia.pro, airline owes the company "VEB-Leasing" for two delivered aircraft, at the same time, experts do not exclude that in respect of flights shedule "Yakutia" can be put forward the claim for recognition of the company bankrupt. More specific circumstances that currently remain unknown, however, it is likely the representatives of the air carrier in the near term will comment on the situation.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that to date "Yakutia" airline is the largest Russian air carrier, however, because of the crisis, the normal activity of the air carrier has eroded.


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