Over-the-horizon radar


From Gibraltar to India. The capabilities of the newest Russian radar "Yakhroma" are shown

The Russian Yakhroma radar station will become one of the most powerful in history.

After the announcement of the Russian defense department about the start of construction of the Yakhroma radar station in Crimea, it became known about some of its characteristics. As it turned out, capable of scanning the airspace at once in four ranges, the radar will become one of the most powerful in history, allowing you to monitor the airspace from the Strait of Gibraltar to the western borders of India, and from Greenland to Ethiopia.

On the presented images, published by the Telegram channel “Hunter's Notes”, you can see the area under the full control of the Russian Yakhroma radar station in Crimea. The construction of a radar on the territory of the peninsula is planned to be completed in 2030, while there is still unconfirmed data that another similar radar station will also appear in Chukotka, as a result of which the Russian military will be able to take control of part of the United States, most of Canada, and airspace over the Arctic.

Considering the fact that the Russian Yakhroma radar station will operate in four bands at once, the capabilities of such a radar are quite enough to track small unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as aircraft created using stealth technologies.