C-400 SAM


Another country abandoned the purchase of Russian C-400

Iraq refused to buy Russian C-400.

Despite the fact that until recently Iraq was considered as a potential buyer of the Triumph C-400 Russian air defense and missile defense systems, it turned out that official Baghdad has no plans to buy Russian weapons, which was confirmed by the Iraqi ambassador to Russia.

“This question is asked me every time - we do not have such negotiations with the government of the Russian Federation, and there are no hints about it”- said the Ambassador of Iraq to Russia, stressing that this country does not intend to buy Russian weapons and this issue is not discussed.

It is noteworthy that after a series of attacks by unknown planes on the territory of Iraq, local media announced that Baghdad was considering the purchase of Russian air defense systems, in particular, it was about C-300 and C-400, since today Iraq cannot provide protecting your airspace. Nevertheless, given the statement by the representative of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, at the moment Baghdad does not show interest in Russian weapons.

It should be clarified that earlier Saudi Arabia refused to purchase Russian C-400.

CA is one of the main buyers of weapons from the United States. and they never intended to buy from us. bullshit, not news

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