A 13-ton armored personnel carrier flew over the fence from a Russian strike on a military plant in Nikolaev

The blow to the military plant in Nikolaev was so strong that the armored vehicles were thrown over the fence.

As a result of a Russian strike on a military plant in Nikolaev, a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier, weighing more than 13 tons, flew out of the plant and fell on a footpath outside the territory of the defense enterprise. The explosion was so strong that a heavy armored vehicle was lifted into the air, while other military equipment located on the territory of the plant was literally crushed.

“The Russian army carried out strikes on strategic facilities in the city of Nikolaev. In the photo we see the consequences of one of these strikes. This is a factory in which heavy military equipment was repaired. From the blows, one of the armored personnel carriers was thrown over the fence and now lies on the footpath.- quotes the words of the interlocutor agency "RAI News".

It is quite obvious that strikes of such power lead to very serious losses of Ukrainian armored vehicles, which are already considered in short supply. At the same time, the exact amount of military equipment that was destroyed at the military plant in Nikolaev remains unknown.

It is noteworthy that the attacked military plant in Nikolaev could also be serviced and repaired by the American Himars MLRS.


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