A desperate blow by a Su-25 attack aircraft on enemy positions delighted the Network

The burst of the attack aircraft on the enemy positions and their destruction on low level flight delighted the Network.

The foreign public was shocked by the capabilities of the Su-25 attack aircraft, which, despite its age, demonstrated an incredible blow to enemy positions - breaking through anti-aircraft fire and escaping from a missile fired from MANPADS, it successfully destroyed the enemy's positions, leaving the latter no chance ...

In the video footage presented, you can see how the Su-25 attack aircraft breaks into one of the fortified areas of the enemy forces, simply ignoring the fire from anti-aircraft installations and the presence of the enemy's portable anti-aircraft missile systems, after which it unloads its entire set of weapons directly at the enemy's positions. The pilot's attack turned out to be so daring that the web was delighted with his actions and the capabilities of the combat aircraft.

Apparently, the video was filmed about a year ago in Karabakh, during military clashes between the Armenian and Azerbaijani armies. It is known that each side used its own attack aircraft to strike at enemy positions, however, whose plane is shown in the video footage is unknown.

Netizens are sure that no other attack aircraft in the world has such capabilities anymore, and therefore, a very great interest is shown in Russian combat aircraft.

Pilot, master of his craft !!! Huge respect for high professionalism !!!

About a month ago there was the same publication, where it was clearly stated that it was an Armenian plane.
I'm not sure the article won't appear again .... this time with an Azerbaijani plane! It is a pity that Russia was absent there, this episode of her would be more suitable.

Probably not a desperate, but a thoughtful blow.