Sheremetyevo disaster


Report on the crash in Sheremetyevo: problems with SSJ-100 began even before the lightning strike

Problems with the SSJ-100 crew that crashed in Sheremetyevo began before the lightning strike.

Despite the initial statements by experts that the decisive circumstance of the plane crash at the Sheremetyevo airport in the capital was the lightning hit in a passenger plane, it became known that there were some problems with the aircraft even before that moment.

As follows from the materials report of the Interstate Aviation Committee, in the period between 15: 07: 30 - 15: 07: 33 in the cockpit the following dialogue took place:

FAC: "Now shake";

2P: "Pancake";

FAC: "No big deal."

According to the information provided, a lightning strike on a passenger airliner was recorded in 15: 08: 09, which indicates unknown problems on board the aircraft, the nature of which was not disclosed in the IAC report.

It should be clarified that most of the information relating to the tragedy that occurred in the IAC report did not appear, in particular, we are talking about the actions of rescuers, although the passengers themselves noted that the fire engines had arrived at the place of aircraft extinguishing with a huge delay, which could also be one of the reasons why some passengers could not be saved.

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