Crimea quarantine


Rest in Crimea 2020: instead of the beach you get quarantined at your own expense

Arriving in Crimea on vacation Russians are quarantined.

According to the data of the head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, Russians who will come to the peninsula will be forced to quarantine, while the observatory will be kept at the expense of the “visitors”, and citizens who cannot pay the amount will reimburse the cost of maintenance in the observatory through the court.

“We are waiting for everyone in the holiday season, but there’s nothing to do to create a problem for us. Each of your visits is an additional burden on the authorities and the healthcare system, let's respect each other ”- said Aksyonov, emphasizing that those who refuse to pay for maintenance in the observatory will reimburse the costs in court

This factor can have an extremely negative effect on the holiday season on the territory of the peninsula, the main source of income of which is just tourism. Moreover, the fact why the placement in the observatories has become paid is still unknown, although the field of medical services in Russia is considered free for citizens of the country.

Experts so far do not want to make any preliminary conclusions about the number of tourists who will visit Crimea this year, however, their number may be the lowest since the peninsula joined the Russian Federation

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He quickly forgot something, what a burden for the Russians was the accession of Crimea to Russia.

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