Holidays in Crimea turned out to be 10 times more expensive than in the UAE - tourists refuse to fly here

Summer in the Crimea was not affordable for ordinary Russians.

After the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation, rest on the peninsula became quite an expensive pleasure, and in a pandemic, when the borders of most countries of the world were closed to Russians, the prices of vacations in Crimea literally skyrocketed - spending a few days here became more expensive than in the UAE.

“The prices for rooms in the hotels of the peninsula were brought by the famous blogger Ilya Varlamov. Room "with the atmosphere for lovers of chic 90s" in a sanatorium in Yalta, located a kilometer from the sea, will cost a tourist 12,6 thousand rubles for three days, including three meals a day in the dining room. Options with more modern repairs cost a little more - from 15 thousand rubles. You will have to pay 30 thousand rubles for a room in a three-star hotel in Yalta, and from 61 thousand rubles per day for a stay in the “most luxurious” hotel. “If you have a lot of money, you can stay in it. The hotel is really good, but costs ten times more than similar hotels in Europe or the UAE, ”wrote Varlamov,“ - About it reports ""

The cost of a flight to Crimea also raises quite a few questions, as a result of which a two-week vacation on the peninsula can cost a Russian citizen in the amount of 40 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles.

This factor has already begun to affect the tourist flow to the Crimea, namely, this article is one of the main incomes of the peninsula, and the fact that the representatives of the state control did not intervene in the situation is still unknown.

Just returned from the Crimea. Spent 10 days. 2 adults 2 children. Private sector overlooking the bear mountain. Stayed in 70tyr, including the road. I went by car.

yes, surely ...
others in Russia simply did not remain after such .. elections ..

Complete nonsense. And outright lies. Just returned from the Crimea, before, unfortunately, for many years, was in all of southern Europe, not to mention Turkey and the UAE. Vacation there was never cheap. Who needs a survival desert and a moronic "animation" there, a flag in hand. Food prepared at home, which is important in viral times, is much tastier with the freshest fish, meat and vegetables bought on the market in Yalta. I’m not talking about the quality of local fruits. An order of magnitude better than Turkish. There is something to compare with those who were everywhere. And what kind of "profession" is a blogger ??? The circus is resting.

Did I understand correctly that the most luxurious room in the UAE costs 6100r per day? Ten times the same!)

Whose mill are you pouring water on?