Domestic medium-range aircraft MS-21 will make the first flight in 2016 year

The passenger airliner Yak-242, better known as MS-21, Will make its first flight in the middle of next year.

As the information resource notes, a statement about this was made public today by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Mass production of medium-haul passenger airliners will be established in the Russian Federation as early as 2018, and, as experts emphasize, the new aircraft will replace up to 80% of all imported aircraft, thus providing domestic airlines with high-quality aircraft at reasonable prices, without any risks For the activities of the carrier.

On board the passenger airliner Yak-242 will be able to accommodate 180 people, while their technical characteristics, the domestic aircraft will not be inferior to foreign analogues, some of which are already obsolete.

In total, at the current moment it is planned to produce MS-21 aircraft in three main versions:

  • MC-21-200, passenger capacity in 150 people;
  • MC-21-300, passenger capacity in 180 people;
  • MS-21-400, passenger capacity of 212 people.


The official cost of the new passenger medium-haul aircraft at the moment remains unknown.