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Harpoon anti-ship missiles sent from Denmark have already arrived in Ukraine

The Harpoon anti-ship missile systems transferred by Denmark have already arrived in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that Denmark announced the shipment of its Harpoon coastal missile systems to Ukraine less than a day ago, in reality, these weapons have already been brought to Ukraine and put on alert, and, apparently, a few weeks ago.

According to sources, it was during the visit of the NATO military to the Odessa region that preparations were made for the deployment of these advanced missile systems, after which the mobile launchers themselves were sent here. Nevertheless, apparently, the latter are not in combat positions, since they would almost certainly be detected and disabled, however, according to experts, they should be deployed at a short distance for operational advancement.

To date, there is no documentary evidence that Harpoon anti-ship missile systems are actually deployed in Ukraine. However, taking into account earlier reports that a group of six warships may be located in the western part of the Black Sea, this raises some concern, especially since there is information that Block 1D modification complexes have been brought to Ukraine, with a range of destruction targets up to 278 kilometers.