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“Send the plane back, you can’t trust Putin!”: The US urged to throw out Russian aid

The US announced the illegality of Russian aid.

Despite the fact that Russia provided the United States with very serious assistance in the fight against coronavirus by delivering an airplane loaded with medical masks, special equipment and equipment to the United States, the United States called for the need to wrap up the Russian airplane, noting that Russia cannot be trusted.

“The arrival of a Russian aircraft in the United States with a load of medical masks and medications provoked a lively reaction from the Americans, who expressed their opinion, mostly negative, on social networks. Brett McGark, the former special envoy of the President of the United States for the Anti-Terrorism Coalition in Iraq and Syria, posted on his Twitter a video with a Russian landing plane with humanitarian aid and commented: “There is nothing to see. It’s just that a Russian military plane landed at Kennedy Airport with 60 tons of medicine to support the Americans in the fight against # COVID19. Advocacy Bonanza (gold mine) when our own government withdrew from America's leading role in the global crisis. ”- приводит data information publication "Reporter".

Moreover, ordinary Americans supported such an extraordinary statement, noting that help was not a reason to increase confidence in Russia and its policies.

«Send the plane back. We must not trust Putin!»

«In exchange for what? What “deal” did Trump make with Putin?»

«This is completely humiliating. We will never forgive Trump for allowing us to be so unprepared that we needed Putin’s help»

This behavior of ordinary Americans is very surprising, to say the least, since Russia provided assistance to the United States, despite the very serious political and military differences, realizing that today the United States is the most affected country from coronavirus.

That's right, our imperious crooks want to look humane, although notorious villains ..

This is a name of honor, that we are a leading country, we don’t need the help of any other country, we can handle it ourselves. The United States also offered help to extinguish the Siberian forests, and Russia refused help and a month the forest was still burning. Comparison I do not know today.

Americans do not need to help, and they can’t be trusted!

You are mistaken. Russia has helped China a lot, you do not have reliable information, but now it’s a secret. Must help, even enemies!

Let us all be prudent and tolerant, these statements do not mean anything, everyone thinks differently. Our country has done what needs to be done, always does so and does not expect gratitude in return. This is the strength and power of our nation, we are Great Russia !!! We will never leave the younger brothers in trouble, we are a Great nation and it infuriates everyone, but "The dog barks, and the caravan goes" !!!

For whom it is SHOCK, for whom it is SHAME, and for me it is the GENOCIDE of our people! There is no need to curry favor with anyone, it causes only aggression. And for those who are especially in love with our government, today Russia sent aid to Armenia and $ 1 million to WHO. And in our pharmacies there are not only masks, but also medicines that are recommended today to treat complications of this coronavirus.

The Americans do not need our help. What a strange habit of constantly being good for everyone? Where is it from? From your own inferiority and self-doubt? But why didn’t we help China with the same persistence, are there also many victims?

What a disgrace. Its not enough.

Why did they get this help at 1ooo from the state. It looks like humiliation. Right that they refuse

And believe further, you probably have a bag of money, you have something to live without work for a month, etc.))) Of you like us, we fell to the bottom of the landfill and there is simply no way out, except for a mass riot !!!!

Comrade, you don’t have to bend before anyone, you have to look for a compromise in everything, you stubborn ours

1. The plane arrived on 01.04 on the day of the fool. :)
2. They brought in. mechanical ventilation preparations made in Russia at the enterprise, which are on the sanctions list of amerokos. :)
3. 50% they paid.
Well done Putin, famously laughed at the Americans, making them the laughing stock of the whole world. And he seems to have done a good deed. Share it.

Russia has submitted to poverty "the richest country in the world"!

The guys hardly believe what’s happening, we don’t have masks or mobile mobile stations to check, the doctors work without rest, there is no one to replace them, and they all send them there, they don’t understand Russia wisely !!! but we don’t believe after all I want to ...

Putin got rid of the masks that the Chinese sent us with bacilli) The Chinese people are very pragmatic, just will not give anything ...

"when our own government pulled itself away from America's leading role in the global crisis."
Well, yes, how, "self-removed." They modified the virus, released it "at will", and now they are observing what will come of it, since the statistical support is well organized. And the well-known "Cynthia" from the same opera, a laboratory in alien states to be destroyed (and not only them). In general, ahead of the rest, but they do not want everyone to see this first role. Infection should be treated on the territory of origin with massive thermal exposure, and better thermonuclear ...

They do not need help, let them send back we do not get along.

The work of God - to purify the heart to the very depths, is a hindrance to crime. By the power of God - FORGIVENESS-REPENTANCE, it will be shown to all, as far as possible, to accept this depth to holiness ... It is dangerous for Russia to get into the function of God.

I personally treat Putin with love, but this act of him plunged me into SHOCK. Not a deliberate decision. I understand that politics, but this step is not a salvation. They will never cancel sanctions or will cancel them when you EXPRESS, AS GORBACHEV AND YELTSIN. V. V., but YOU are not these traitors? I believe in you

Not Russia, but rulers.

Do not do good to the Americans, you will not get evil either !!! The hope that this help will change something in our relations with the USA is the naivety of a three-year-old child. There will never be words of gratitude from the United States. Once our sailors helped the northerners in the war with the southerners, and that something has changed, what did the Americans answer us? Black ingratitude !!!

Well, what do you want from the descendants of gangsters? Their thinking is turned to rob someone. And then there was such an embarrassment - they got help, and their eyes popped out on their forehead.

It's a shame as for our president! I wanted to look nice and kind and such a bummer ... You don’t be upset, because your people are what you are, they are with you for the rest of your life, even if you are good, even bad ...

But who needs this Ukraine, populated by traitors.

Of course, GDP knows how best. He knows better, but he would simply become great in the eyes of his people if he deprived "them" of all his attention. The Americans are not used to it, Schaub helped them, I can imagine how it burns in one place. Putin put them in the position of a "third" country. Let them get used to it. But right now, to the suffering of their ambitions, it’s violet.

Of course, GDP knows how best. He knows better, but he would simply become great in the eyes of his people if he deprived "them" of all his attention. The Americans are not used to it, Schaub helped them, I can imagine how it burns in one place. Putin put them in the position of a "third" country. Let them get used to it. But right now, to the suffering of their ambitions, it’s violet.

Do not do people do not get evil. All my life, Russia has been kind to all but its people.

It's just a disgrace. There are no masks in any pharmacy in the country. So they sent everything to overseas friends, who they themselves are lousy. Hahahahaha
As Zhirinovsky said, "this is RUSSIA"

In exchange for Ukraine !!! Trump sold Ukraine for Russian help.